MIT Better Science Ideathon. 23 April 2018.

The first MIT Better Science Ideathon brings together teams of people involved in scientific research - including students, researchers, policy makers, publishers, and funders - to explore how the process of science can be improved. There will be a focus on how open science can accelerate scientific progress through fostering collaboration and reproducibility and by reducing the barriers to learning.

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Monday, 23 April 2018.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),
1 Main St,
MA 02142, USA


Our objectives are four fold. (1) to develop projects to improve the research enterprise; (2) to connect isolated ongoing efforts; (3) to engage social scientists, given the role that socio-political forces have played in molding today’s research structure. (4) to empower students – the future scientists – who are not yet entrenched in the current system to explore fresh ideas.


Anyone with an interest in the process of research is encouraged to attend, including for example: researchers, students, policy makers, academic administrators, research funders, and publishers.